An ultimate discord bot tool for community managers and moderators

Communication is the key - we make sure you stay on top on what's happening and take action efficiently as a team

Schedule Discord announcements, posts and events then share them to Twitter & Telegram

Regardless of what time zone you and your teammates are in, you will never forget to share with your community what’s new and remind your members about upcoming events and community calls.

Take some notes, draft content ideas, and save it for later or for the team to give feed back

We make discord ideal for every team player. No external tools like Google Docs, Notion, or note-taking tools is needed when you can draft ideas and share them to the team within a few clicks.

Assign some ticket tasks to your teammates using our seamless integration options

Once your teammate creates an account and is added to the team, you can assign a person to take care of specific support tickets created. They can then get notifications on Youtility or choose to send them to other platforms they are currently on. Think of this as Jira but for communication and customer success management.

Discord Analytics and keyword notifications

Get notified when some keywords or topics are mentioned or discussed. Also, get daily analysis on frequently asked questions and more!